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Wenzhou Zhenhong Valve Ball Co., Ltd. was established in 2000. It is a manufacturer dedicated to the development of high-precision, high-tech, and multi-performance balls. Twenty years of ingenuity focused on ball valve manufacturing, with 3 fully automatic forging plants and 2 full CNC manufacturing plants, covering an area of 40,000 square meters, with more than 300 employees, a daily production capacity of 60,000, and a turnover of over 25 million US dollars in 2021. With strong production innovation capabilities and years of production management experience, the company has introduced Western Siemens CNC equipment-spherical grinders, machining centers, and spherical roundness measuring instruments, which have won recognition and praise from customers at home and abroad.

※ Enterprise slogan:
● Zhenhong, a pioneer and leader in the valve ball industry;
● Focus on the manufacture of valve balls, and create the brand with ingenuity;
● Focus on valve ball solutions for 20 years, professional because of focus;
● One-stop service sphere supplier.

※ Talent Concept:
People-oriented, character is the foundation, morality is the first, morality is high, high technology is excellent, harmony but difference, people make the best use of their talents.
※ Company vision: To build a modern technology enterprise and create a world-class brand of valve ball.

※ Entrepreneurial spirit: Innovate and revitalize people, strive for excellence in the spirit of craftsmanship.

※ The core values of the company: sincere and perseverance, precision and perfection, innovation and far-reaching, and ethics.

※ Company philosophy: external plastic brand, internal repair culture, zero defect in work, 100% service, lawful management, honesty and sincerity in communication.

※ Corporate Value: Create value for customers, seek happiness for employees, and take responsibility for society

※ Quality policy: perfection, meticulous, quality is life, quality is value

※ Service policy: full of sincerity, rigorous details, dedicated service, dare to be defensive, customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit.

※ Work style: Be a person first, then do things, do things according to the standards of life, use the results of doing things to see people, be broad-minded, and be cautious in words and actions.

※ Team style: Believe in yourself, believe in the team, everything comes from harmony, strength is born out of unity, effective communication, interactive and complementary, compassionate, professional and efficient.

※ Business advantage:

● Strong funds guarantee self-purchased land resources;
● Sincere management team, smooth resource reserve;
● Advanced technology and equipment, long-term forward strategy.

※ Management philosophy: Adhere to first-class management, produce first-class products, provide first-class services, and create first-class enterprises.

※ Dedication criteria: Customer first, quality as the root, honesty, and brand pride.

※ Environmental protection concept: Limited resources, infinite circulation, symbiosis with everything, making the world more beautiful.

※ Entrepreneurship philosophy: Be a man with fraternity and do things with gratitude.